Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Be Chemical Free

I often wonder if those who refrain from the use of chemicals on themselves or in their homes, actually know the extent of why chemicals or synthetics are so bad for their bodies. I think a lot of people fear Cancer, and Parabens. But with little to no education, you end up using products that can be just as harmful. To tap into the reality of what is going on in our environments, in our homes, and microscopically on our skin and in our body, isn't easy!

There is one point I would like to emphasize the most for the importance of watching what you put on your body and use in your home that not many people think about. BUGS!!!!!! Yes I want to emphasize Bugs, or more definitively Bacteria. And even more definitively, GOOD Bacteria! :) What if I told you the greatest key to health and vitality are Good Bugs? We live in a Country that views bacteria as a threat to our health. We use toxic hand sanitizer all the time, we wash our hands with anti bacterial soap compulsively. Americans live in a constant fear of Bacteria, have you noticed this? Have you experienced this yourself?

Recently the FDA finally gave some much needed attention to the industry of disinfecting products. In recent studies these products have proven to be more harmful than helpful and do exactly opposite of what they are marketed to do. Prevent illness right? Right! But what people don't realize is that these products are actually leaving them susceptible to illness and weakening their immune system.

You may have noticed a new trend in the consumer marketing industry with yogurt or probiotics helping with not only digestion, but your immune system. Now this isn't new news, and obviously some companies are catching on and trying to get in on this market! (And of course they don't leave out all the other UNhealthy ingredients) But yogurt and other probiotics are just a simple aspect of this complex equation. There are MUCH bigger measures we should be taking in order to prevent illness.

Probiotics are the GOOD BUGS I'm talking about. Bacteria lives and grows in and on our bodies. Good bugs and bad bugs. And sadly in this day in age, and especially in America, the bad bugs outweigh the good bugs. Leaving us susceptible to infections and a wide range of health concerns, even autoimmune disorders! "Autoimmune disorders, you say?" Yes! Through many studies we have come to find that 70% and even more of our immune system is located in our guts. To quote pubmed...
"The human gut is an ecosystem consisting of a great number of commensal bacteria living in symbiosis with the host. Several data confirm that gut microbiota is engaged in a dynamic interaction with the intestinal innate and adaptive immune system."

And like I said, these bugs are HOT on the market right now!! But what is the point of getting all these good bugs into our bodies if we don't provide them with an environment they can survive in?!?! Are you catching on?? Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, antibiotics,  and pesticides in our food sources! AND ALL HARMFUL CHEMICALS! Chemicals in our cosmetics, chemicals in our candles. Anything we put on our skin we absorb into our blood stream and anything in the air we inhale goes into our blood stream. We really are a recipe for disaster!

What are all the different threats to our Good Bugs!

  • Household Chemicals - Cleaners, Scented Candles, New Furniture, Fresh Paint.
  • Chemicals On Our Skin - Laundry Detergent and Softeners, Lotions, Cleansers, Cosmetics, Shampoos and Conditioners.    
  • Chemicals In Our Food - Preservatives, BPA, Antibiotics, Pesticides, Sucralose.
  • Prescription Medication - Birth Control, Antibiotics, Long term use of all Medications.
  • Poor Diet - Diets high in refined carbs and sugars feed bad microbial or yeast such as Candida and in abundance can kill good bacteria by producing toxins.
  • Heavy Metal Toxity - Heavy metals promote the growth of harmful microbes and also alter the immune system's ability to fights harmful microbes.

But not only that.... The bacteria in our guts, also known as flora, aid in DIGESTION and NUTRIENT ABSORPTION. Poor gut health can lead to obesity or undernourishment and an array of mental health disorders! Without proper nourishment we can't produce essential neurotransmitters for optimal brain health. Lets add this all up......
Environmental Toxins = Poor Gut Flora
Poor Gut Flora = Poor Immune System
Environmental Toxins  = Poor Gut Flora
Poor Gut Flora = Poor Digestion
Poor Digestion = Gut Damage
Gut Damage = Leaky Gut Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome  = Autoimmune Disorders `
and again

Environment Toxins = Poor Gut Health
Poor Gut Health = Poor Digestion
Poor Digestion = Malnourishment
Malnourishment = Chemical imbalance
Chemical imbalance = Mental Disorders

So what are we to do with all this information? Quite simply put, find non toxic alternatives and lower the chemical impact in your life! And unfortunately that is often easier said than done. On my journey to discovering this, and then seeking safer alternatives I grew angry! Literally angry! All these false marketing gimmicks promising safe non-toxic products led me on a wild goose chase. I learned a lot along the way thankfully. But after several failed attempts with a lot of products claiming to be safe I gave up and started making my own. If you can make your own, awesome!

Try making your own multipurpose cleaner! Just 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar with a couple drops of lemon essential oil. Great for windows and counters! Check out more DIY cleaning recipes with PassionatePureLqife on Pinterest.

  • 3 parts filtered water (where to a buy filter)
  • 1part vinegar
  • 1-2 tsp lemon juice
  • 5-7 drops of lemon essential oil
  • - See more at:


    1. Happy Friday!

      It's great to get a chance to discover and explore your blog through Small Footprint Friday!
      I have enjoyed reading your post on the real reasons to live "chemical free". I agree that these are critical issues that we need to build awareness of and incorporate into our lifestyles. Knowledge is indeed power!.
      I am doing a lot at home but I need to do more. Thanks for these incredibly helpful suggestions.
      All the best, Deborah

    2. Awesome information - I went chemical free in 2005 and it's been amazing. I did it because it just made sense. just starting with your household products makes a huge difference. -Carole

    3. A lot of great knowledge, thanks for posting and sharing with us at the #WWDParty. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    4. Hi there! I'll keep this short and sweet. You are really opening my eyes.

    5. What a great post, thanks so much for sharing on Real Food Fridays. I also found out that there is formaldehyde in our clothes, bedding, furniture, rugs, and more. We bought some beneficial in door plants that suck this stuff right out of the air. Want to know more check my post on it.

    6. This post is being feature tonight on Real Food Fridays.