Friday, January 17, 2014

Hair & Scalp Detox
While your scalp should produce it’s own natural oils, harsh detergents in shampoo will strip your hair and scalp of these important oils leading to an over production of oils. Silicone derived conditioners may keep your hair feeling soft and silky, but your hair should feel that way without this waxy build up! Unfortunately you need the waxy build up to cover up the dry, damaged hair! 

Hair Detox
If you have been using hair care with Silicone Derivatives or harsh detergents and you switch to a natural shampoo alternative, you may go through a period of “detox” also known as a "Healing Crisis." Some of these alternatives may be Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or my favorite Shampoo Bars, The Hair Detox is when your hair and scalp go through a period of adjustment in which your natural oils and the natural function of your hair is restored all while removing the silicone or paraben build-up in your hair. Your hair and scalp will usually correct within a couple weeks to a month or more depending on what products you previously used and your hair type. Previous damage such as split ends cannot be reversed, so I suggest a haircut or trim. Using Shampoo Bars, you will never have to use conditioner again! Please take note, just because a product claims to be natural and organic does not mean it's natural or organic. Products that are Certified Organic are only required to use 70% organic ingredients. The rest can be lab created (synthetic) ingredients.

Symptoms Of Detox and Ways To Get Through It!
  • Tangled Hair- Mix a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Use in the shower after using your shampoo bar as a leave in conditioner. Vinegar smell will be gone after hair dries. After detox this step won’t be necessary.
  • Oily Build Up- To get through the stage of oily build up, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo lather. This will help break down the waxy buildup!
  • Dry, Dull or Staticy- Once again the vinegar and water solution and baking soda lather will help with this. Try using Argan Oil to add shine and prevent static!
  • Shedding- Hair that has been trapped in follicles from oil and wax build up will be releasing, which is a great sign that the detox process is starting. This should only last a couple of days. Hair may also shed more if you are having problems with tangling.
  • Color Loss- If you color your hair, you may go through a process of losing some hair color or have color fading. This is nothing to be alarmed by! Color will attach itself to waxy build up rather than the hair strand. As the waxy buildup comes out, so will the color that is attached to it. Great news is, this will ensure your future hair colors to fully penetrate your hair rather than just color the waxy buildup, resulting in less color fading! 

Tips to using your Shampoo Bar:
  • Don't let it sit in your hair. As the suds dissipate the oils can get trapped in your hair. As as soon as your done scrubby away at your hair wash it out.
  • The first time you use a shampoo bar, wash in a sink or over a tub. This way you can actually see how long it takes to completely wash the soap out of your hair. You want to wash until you no longer see cloudy water. It takes longer than you think!
  • No shampoo is made the same, no hair is the same, and no water is the same. So what might work for one person won't work for another.
Be patient and be prepared! You can NEVER be prepared enough for a hair detox. It is hell! I'm not going to sugar coat it! But it is soooo worth it. Buy a cute hat, do it over a vacation period. Do whatever you gotta do to get through it, its worth it!

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I could never go a day without my hair becoming a grease ball using conventional shampoo! After going through the hair detox I can go days without my hair getting greasy. My hairdresser is impressed with how much healthier my hair is getting. She's also impressed by how much suds the Shampoo Bars produce! -Tisha Harry, TX

My hair is so thick and low maintenance now. I don't know what I would do without the Shampoo Bar! -Kris Stovall, MT


  1. Very interesting article as I sit here with dry dull hair!! I really liked this post! Thank you for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop!

  2. Very interesting post, I've been involved in detoxing my body before but not my hair. Makes sense thought. thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop. Hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy

  3. Thanks for the summary. It's a good idea to give people an idea of what they're going to go through. I am fortunate to have short hair, so it wasn't that back, although it did get a bit dry and unruly. Thanks for linking up to Real Food Fridays, hope to see you again next week :)

  4. I gave up chemical shampoo two years ago and I am still struggling to find a natural shampoo that doesn't make my hair feel like a grease ball. I have tried apple cider vinegar, baking soda, a homemade herbal shampoo with liquid castile soap,shampoo bars, clay poo, heck I've even tried the nothing method with just water. Am I broken? My hair always feels greasy but I refuse to put chemicals in it, any other suggestions? Has this happened with anyone else?

  5. Tanya Jayne MontgomeryMay 10, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    Try radiantly you :)