Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recipe: Samoa Bars (Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free/Egg-Free)

I have been contemplating making a Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free version of my all time favorite cookie, Somoas! I always looked forward to girl scout cookies every year. But as our diets changed, those little joys in life had to be adjusted!! :( But I can safely say, these shouldn't be legal in any way shape or form, because they are so stinken good! They are no doubt, addictive and no doubt, better than any Samoa Cookie I've ever had!! :) I first made these for my Christmas Family Gathering a week ago. I made them bite size, easy to pop right in your mouth. I sat there watching all my cousins walk back and forth past the Samoa Bars popping one in their mouths every time they passed. I'm not kidding, they are addictive!! Hope you enjoy!

This recipe is easily modified GAPS or Paleo just by replacing the Puffed Rice with shredded coconut.

Samoa Bars

You will need:
1cup Shredded Coconut
2cups Puffed Rice (or replace with shredded coconut)
1/2cup Raw Honey
2/3cup Grass Fed Butter
Candy Thermometer 
Greased Pan (I used a 9x13 pan)

For Chocolate:
1/2cup Unsweetened Chocolate Chips (I use Carob Chips)
1/4cup Coconut Oil
2tbs Raw Honey

In a medium sauce pan combine Honey and Butter. Boil mixture, stirring constantly on medium/high heat until you reach soft crack stage or 285 degrees. Let cool a couple minutes. Meanwhile chop up puffed rice and combine with shredded coconut in a medium size bowl. (I used a mini food chopper to chop up my puffed rice) You can use a hand chopper or blender too. Then combine the Honey Caramel mixture with the Shredded Puffed Rice and Coconut and mix well. After completely mixed, put mixture in a well greased pan (coconut oil). Flatten out mixture evenly to bottom of pan and then let cool!

While that's cooling you can prepare your chocolate. (This is how I do it to prevent burning) Combine all ingredients for chocolate in a medium sauce pan. Turn burner to medium head and hover pan over the burner without touching and stir constantly until completely melted. Let sit for 10 minutes then drizzle or completely cover your rice and coconut bars. (We are on a low histamine diet, so we can only do a little chocolate!) You are welcome to cover the bars with chocolate if you wish!!! :) Let cool in fridge!

You can service right from the pan, but I prefer to chop them into bars. Let cool completely, don't cook too much as this will cause them to crack and break as you try to cut them. First pry up the sides of the bars and take a spatula or butter knife and slide it up under the bars to separate them from the pan. Then I just put them on a cutting board or cookie sheet and chop them up! :)



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