Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Vanilla Extract

I like to keep my Vanilla Extract as simple as possible! I loved the Simply Organic jar with the Vanilla Beans already in it. All I had to do was add Vodka! And it matches all my other Simply Organic Spices.

So in this case, this jar comes with 2 vanilla beans. If you are using a different bottle try to keep a ratio of 3 beans to 1 cup of Vodka.

Just take the vanilla beans out and slice them long ways, all the way down the bean. Then just stick them back into the jar and fill it up with Vodka. Any vodka will do.

Stick it in a cupboard or a dark location and it will be ready for use at 8 weeks and will last for years! Just give it a shake every once in a awhile. You can even reuse your vanilla beans, just top it off with more vodka!

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