Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fussy Baby! Personality or Pain?

When I discovered the real cause of my daughters fussy ways, I was soooo relieved! But more than anything I was proud and empowered. I was proud of the new found personality of my baby girl! She wasn't just a fussy, winy baby that I couldn't completely bond with. She was a cool chick, who withstood a lot of pain, while mommy tried to put the pieces together. And I felt empowered, because I finally, finally, figured it out! I researched, I found, and I conquered!

Symptoms of Pain:
  • Kicking
  • Back Arching
  • Latching Aggressively (as if starving)
  • Sucking Aggressively (even with pacifier) 
  • Pulling Away Crying and Quickly Relatching
  • Spitting Up
  • Gagging
  • Projectile Vomiting 
  • Restlessness
  • Waking Often
  • Wake Crying
  • Gassy 
  • Fussy
  • Night Terrors
  • Eczema
  • Rash (on skin or bottom) 
Possible Causes:
  • Gluten (testing isn't reliable)
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Fibrous Fruits
  • Fibrous Vegetables
  • Nuts

My son, which was my first, was the fussiest baby! At first I thought that was just how he was, but then I started thinking it was me. Maybe I'm not producing enough milk. My mom kept trying to tell me that I was pumping a lot, but I was just sure he wasn't getting enough milk! So I started supplementing. I swore I was starving the poor little guy because every time he would eat he acted like he was starving! Pulling away from the breast crying as if he wasn't getting anything, and re-latching with a vengeance, only to pull away again. I noticed when I would feed him a bottle he was able to sit in a certain position without fussing too much. He could never sleep without a plug, would wake constantly. Felt like I never got sleep. Wouldn't stay a sleep for very long. It was hell, and I was finally done at about 6 weeks!

My daughter, my second. By this time I was hell bent on nursing! I wasn't going to let the same thing happen again! And sadly she began doing the same thing around 3 weeks. I would literally have her legs straddled around my leg and would shake my leg vigorously as she ate. It was the only way she could eat a whole meal. I got really weird looks, but I wasn't going to give up!! Luckily by then internet was readily available. I was able to research my concerns, and started looking into my diet as being a reason for her discomfort. I started eliminating dairy, which is a well known thing to cause babies discomfort. It helped but the pain continued. The idea of gluten came up and I went for it. Got rid of gluten in my diet. Much better, got rid of her eczema but not 100%. And some how I came across a site in which a doctor mentioned 3 advanced proteins in which a lot of babies have a hard time digesting. They were dairy, gluten, and eggs. Eggs went..... And all pain subsided, she was nursing like a pro, sleeping like a pro. Every time I tried to introduce any of these foods she would get gassy again. By about 6 months I was able to eat egg yolks, by 8 months I was able to eat a little gluten without gas, but eczema came back. But by a year I was able to eat anything with dairy, gluten, and eggs without it effecting her tummy. I quit nursing her at 16 months when I was about 5 months pregnant with my third! I put her on GAPS Intro right away because she wasn't digesting her food at all, everything was coming out whole and I knew she wasn't going to get enough nourishment without nursing. I blogged about our healing experience here.

So enter number three! I was first looking forward to have narrowed down several of my migraine triggers, and I was sure the pregnancy would be my best! Not so! I was going to nourish my baby and give her a great start. My midwives were constantly worried about me not gaining lots of weight. I was just too sick! I finally just had to go on survival mode and throw healthy eating out the window and throw in more of those refined carbs even though they hurt my stomach! I was able to eat plain bagels with cream cheese and Applegate Farms Sliced Turkey. I finally started gaining some weight! But amniotic fluid was too low for comfort and I was induced at 38 weeks. Delivery went smooth and baby was healthy and beautiful! So this time around I completely stayed away from gluten, besides it makes me feel like crap! But I was craving eggs like my life depended on it! I was eating over a dozen eggs a day. Baby was nursing fine, and I knew from previous research that babies don't usually show signs of a sensitivity until 3-6 weeks. Had no idea why at the time! But due to major engorgement I was pumping and saving my milk. At 2 weeks baby started showing signs of sensitivity. I had to remove all 3 proteins and then some! I couldn't have any kind of fruit peels high in fiber or high fiber veggies, it hurt her. And at some point I was supplementing progesterone and had a sudden dip in milk supply at about 5 weeks and realized I needed to do a temporary supplement. I had some milk in the freezer knowing full well it would be loaded with egg proteins, I gave it to her. Turns out, no problems! There was obviously nothing wrong with my stored milk and it gave her zero gas! So I finally knew why this sensitivity didn't usually show up till later. We just don't start producing these proteins until later!

Thats when I just get blown away by God's beautiful design! If only my body was performing completely in God's design! I would have been able to give my daughter a healthy gut and she would be ready to digest those proteins when the time came! But I know we will get there some day! I'm just so grateful I have answers and I know, not only for myself, but that it may help you or someone you know!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!

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