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Do I Dare!! - Mama Newbie's 5 Tips to Cloth Diapering

My DD Facebook "Cloth Diaper Debut!"
Going cloth was an easy idea to begin with. You look at all the cute diapers, love all the cute designs! It's a very cute idea at first. You order your diapers, you can't wait to see them on you little munchkin. You put them on, they look as cute as cute can be, you take pictures, you post them on Facebook, and all is great! And then reality sets in.........

The only way to describe cloth diapering is, "a messy job." It's just not as glamorous as you picture it being. I mean how gross and smelly can a cute little pink and purple bum genius get?!?! Pretty gross and smelly!!

Now I may seem really negative about cloth diapering, but am a 100% advocate and will continue to cloth diaper in the future. But I will be honest, it is gross, it is smelly, it will take time to learn how to manage your stash of cloth diapers. AND it will probably take some time to find the right diapering system for you and your little munchkin. To stuff or not to stuff, THAT IS THE QUESTION?? I chose not to stuff.

Why do I advocate cloth diapering 100%? Because I advocate trying to eliminate every harmful toxin that you come in contact with. 60% of anything that touches your skin enters your bloodstream. That means you can either nourish your skin AND your entire body, or you can seriously poison your body through consistent contact with harmful chemicals. Diapers are incredibly toxic, and they don't even have to label their ingredients. We know simply that Diapers, because of the bleaching process they go through, contain Dioxin which has becoming very well know for it's link to breast cancer and other cancers. That is putting it simply! There are many more harmful chemicals in Diapers to mention!

So from one Mama Newbie to another, here are my tips to success in the Cloth Diapering World......

1: Don't get into cloth diapering if you are in the middle of a life transition, (like myself) you set yourself up for failure. For example, if you are going on the GAPS healing protocol. Don't start cloth diapering on intro!!! You would be crazy! Instead look into options such as Seventh Generation Diapers until life settles down and you know you can dedicate some time to developing you're diapering system.

2. Start studying up on the different diapering systems. There is a lot of them! I use this kind of Cloth Diapering System! Go on You Tube and watch some product reviews to get an idea of how they work. I can say for certain that there are many diapering systems out there that people swear by. But you have to make this decision based upon your lifestyle and your babies body.

3: When I started out I went onto Cloth Diapering groups on Facebook and bought used diapers. The thing that stinks (no pun) about that is the fact that if you really hate the diapers, you can't return them. You can try selling them again which is usually successful, but a big pain in the butt dealing with shipping. What I suggest is going onto, after LOTS of study, and buy a system in which you feel confident in. If you aren't happy you can wash and return within 15 days through Nicki's Diapers. Awesome deal! Or some Amazon Affiliates offer Free Returns, like these! I like the idea of something new because you know how they have been taken care of. And lets face it....The idea of shared feces isn't very glamorous (yes I know they are washed!!)  When you find a system you have faith in, then you can start buying used and saving that way if you like. But I'm not sure I'll ever do it again!!

4:  Get a Diaper Sprayer!!!! Seriously, I don't know how people do it without one of these.. Now, how do you removed the poop from your diapers?? Do you scrape it with a brush, do you try to beat it with a stick over the toilet?!?! I don't know, I'm picturing a lot of different ways you could try to get poop off a diaper. But I can say, there is no greater tool for cloth diapering than this little gadget!

5:  Get a nice small size container for the bathroom wet pale, one that you don't have to worry about kids falling in and drowning, one that is slightly child proof if ya know what I mean!! I have tried cloth diapering both ways, dry and wet, which is in the sense of what they are doing while they aren't being used or washed. Some people soak it in a water solution and some just let them sit dry with some baking soda sprinkled on them. I have come to conclude that people who do a dry pale or basket have MUCH stinkier diapers AND probably stinkier house (from my own personal experience!!) A lot of people have been known to use Borax to soak their diapers in, but it's is quite controversial at this point. My take on it, it's rated F on the EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning for developmental and reproductive toxicity. I say noooo. My personal preference for wet diaper pale soak and one I know is beautifully toxic free and actually smells amazing! Radiantly You All Natural Lemon Scented "Bleach" Mind you I am an affiliate, but I trust you know exactly why I'm an affiliate! :) I'm also a huge fan of our Cloth Diaper Safe Laundry Detergent! I would not be cloth diapering without it! And thankfully it's very reasonable priced!

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So what do you say? Agree or Disagree? Do you have any advice for Mama Newbie's? Please leave a comment!

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