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Cravings and Food Addiction

The body, being the miraculous creation it is, has many amazing gifts and talents we don't even know about. Though there are times that these gifts are acknowledged. For example when pregnant women start craving pickles and ice cream. I myself never had that craving, but I did crave sauerkraut which is the same concept as pickles. Some people say that pickles and ice cream is a craving for good bacteria. How true that is, I don't know!
I know after the birth of my first I craved eggs like my life depended on it. I used to have 2 to 3 3 egg omelets a day and I thought they where God's gift to man!! Most recently I have taken a craving to brussel sprouts, I must be needing the Vitamin K or C, or Folate, or Omega 3's. I don't know, but I could eat it like candy right now!! In today's society with the Standard American Diet, we have actually modified our body's natural ability to gauge it's own needs. And there are several reasons why. Processed foods all have their own way of messing with the beauty of our body!

For example Gluten can actually effect the receptors in our brains just like Opium does. Releasing high levels of serotonin and dopamine which cause a feeling of pleasure and happiness. Just like any drug you have to keep upping the the dose to get the same satisfaction! People may think this is completely ridiculous, but try giving up bread!! You won't call me crazy!! Another example is sugar, which in studies has shown to be more addictive than cocaine!

MSG and Aspartame are two of the most destructive little creations. Quite scary in fact! Not only is it incredibly addictive, it's incredibly damaging to the brain, and it's in every single processed food there is. It is what sells food here in the US. In fact the FDA recently approved the use of Aspartame in milk without having to label it, just to increase milk sales. MSG and Aspartame literally kill brains cells and cause brain lesions especially in the hypothalamus which controls a large amount of our nervous system. Not only does it connect to the Pituitary it is connected to the Limbic System (emotional control system). Studies have shown a massive effect on infant brains just from a mother ingesting it while pregnant. If MSG and Aspartame can effect the hypothalamus in these newborns, imagine what it is doing to their development both physically and mentally. There is sooooo much about MSG and Aspartame that I haven't covered here, and thats why there are books dedicated to this problem!  I hope to do a segment focused on my own experience with these horribly destructive toxins and all there is to know about protecting yourselves from them. But of course the smartest thing you can do is eat clean or eating foods in their natural forms.

So another thing that is incredibly destructive to our senses is smoking as well as environmental toxins, especially synthetic fragrance. These are so unnatural,  it can actually destroy our sense of smell and sense of taste, which in turn adds an addition of confusion to our bodies natural ability to gauge it's needs through taste and smell.

And finally, Candida. Candida is a yeast normally found in the body, but in large numbers can pose serious health risks.  Candida when found in large numbers in the body can actually cause cravings for sugars or refined carbs. How? People with overgrowth are basically dry alcoholics in a sense! Candida actually produces alcohol in your body, and in big numbers can cause a withdrawal just like an alcoholic would have. And therefor cause the need and craving for anything that will feed the Candida. Candida can actually intoxicate a sober person if there is enough in you! Interesting short story is about a Doctor, Julia Ross went into recovery practice quickly realizing that she and most recovery programs had over a 90% failure rating. And after study quickly realized that diet had everything to do with recovery. That and Amino Acid supplements were needed to rebuild our brains neurotransmitters which are often destroyed from bad diet and addictions. You need these neurotransmitters working properly so you can regain those good feelings without needing your drug of choice, be it alcohol or food! Read her books The Diet Cure, and The Mood Cure. I personally know a family using her guide to Amino Acid supplementing who have seen CRAZY results from her program! It's not just for a person recovering from drug addictions it's for anyone that hasn't had a good diet in the past, and who suffers from an emotional disorder.

So, all of these wrapped into one thing, a food craving! So then, what are the results of our gauges being messed up? Well, a lot of health problems! Health problems which stem from these foods or drugs, but more than anything Malnutrition which causes a lot of health problems. When all your body wants is empty Carbs that do nothing but feed Candida, what can you expect to happen? You're health will decline, not only because of the Candida and all the destruction it can cause to the body, but because all the things you are eating having NO nutritional value. Sugar is toxic, refined carbs, destructive! Add the fact that you lose you're sense of smell and taste because it's so use to strong flavors caused by MSG and Aspartame plus your senses have diminished. Everything in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is our worst enemy. Not only that, but the FDA isn't protecting us either.

What to do? Clean up your act!! Get rid of refined sugars and use honey instead, not only is it predigested its loaded with health benefits (stick with raw). Try using a blanched nut or coconut flour in place of wheat flour. Another incredible option is the GAPS Healing protocol. Proven to heal a never ending array of health problems, such as Autism all the way to many auto-immune disorders. It is incredibly beneficial in healing your body's natural ability to gauge it's own nutritional needs. We (my family and I) experienced this through our Journey through the GAPS Healing Protocol! You can read it here. So, there is hope for anyone who wants to heal their bodies from all the damage caused by the SAD. And there is guidance for parents wanting the best health for their child. Stay away from processed foods!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ!


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