Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Faith, Health, and Hope

Since I discovered the reality of my state of health and started making changes and gaining this conviction, it has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. With my health aside, the emotional implications have been nothing short of...... depressing, frustrating, and aggravating!!!

Never in my life have I felt the weight of the world so dominant in my life. Everywhere I look people are suffering horribly, and I know exactly what is causing it! But I've concluded that it's WAY over most people's heads! Thats where I know my faith and my health came hand in hand. They aren't separate for me. I prayed forever and ever that the Lord would heal me, and he lead me there and gave me the ears to hear, no doubt about it. I can look back and see his fingerprints on everything! I know, that had it been any other time in my life, I wouldn't have been open to receiving health information. In fact a friend had already given me information and I quickly dismissed it on several occasions. But it seems like God knew what I needed, when I needed it. And now my faith endures. I'm quickly realizing it's all in God's timing, and just because I'm excited about something, doesn't mean other people will be. It's really just identical to my journey in my faith. You receive this great awakening, this incredible information, this incredible truth. And your convinced that if you just have the opportunity to share your story, share this truth, that they are going to be awakened, and they will find hope and excitement. But, like I said, this journey has been quite opposite of what you first expect it to be. And just like faith, there comes a time when you have to quit talking about it, and start living it. You can only live on excitement and conviction for so long, and then reality sets in, the labor pain sets in, and you realize this isn't a walk in the park. Just the same as my faith.... Humility sets in.... You can no longer sustain yourself on soft foods, you have to take on tougher and more complex foods, more nourishing foods. All this for the sake of healing, spiritually and physically. Of course spiritually that was a metaphor and physically it is the truth!

I remember a time when I prayed for the ability to feel more compassion for others. I hated feeling disconnected from others' emotions or pain. I wanted to feel their pain, I wanted to WANT to do more for people. I wanted to get beyond myself........... Well, the compassion I have now is far beyond what I ever expected. I don't look at a single person the same, I can't. I see cause and effect in a brand new light. I don't look at illness the same, I don't see suffering the same. I don't look at life the same in any way, shape, or form.

When I see a homeless person, I think, "Gosh, if I could only have a charity that could feed these people healthy while developing their social and work skills, and get them on a path to healing." When I see someone who is an alcoholic or drug abuser, I want to help them, I pray for an opportunity. But I have to keep in mind, that I'm not yet healed. I'm still learning, I'm still developing. I'm very ambitious!! But I also asked God for the conviction to do something worth while. I'm one of those people who has idea after idea, but never actually developing it or following threw. I'm sure there are many of use out there! lol Now all I want to do it make a whole bunch of money, on a clever idea or invention, and then spend the rest of my time developing charities, or programs with the core and foundation of Faith, Health, and Hope. I pray to end this vicious cycle for millions, and I pray to actually follow threw with something for once. I must say, I have started several blogs, and so far, this is the most committed I have been to date. And I know everyone who is touched with this same conviction, desires the same as I do.

So I trudge forward, healing myself, my family, and anyone with ears to hear. So what about you? What was the hardest part about finding this truth? And now that you have this truth, what do you desire to do with it? Please comment below, let me know there is someone out there listening!! :)

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ,

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