Monday, June 11, 2012

Fluffy Almond Pancakes (GAPS/Paleo/Gluten Free)

One of the things I've struggled with is finding a pancake recipe that I can't resist! This recipe happened upon a whim and turned out to be my dream grain-free pancake come true!

One thing I can't stand is pancakes that aren't fluffy or are too dense or too dry! And through the many grain-free recipes I have tried that has always been their downfall!

Fluffy Almond Pancakes (Grain-Free, Diary-Free)

Yields: About 6 medium size Pancakes

You will need:
Combine all ingredients and mix well. I like to use a Cast Iron Griddle (use flat side) Cook until pancake has a crater like surface and flip. Really easy to make! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Let me know what you think!


* It is always best to make your own sprouted almond butter, but for those who don't have time this is as easy as it gets!
** Raw honey is of the most importance. Raw meaning uncooked as to preserve all the natural vitamins, enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and other nutritional elements. Raw Honey also contains amylase, which is an enzyme product of flower pollen. It helps predigest starchy foods like breads, corn, and rice.
*** Why is soy-free important? In short. All soy in America and nearly all over the world is Genetically Modified to withstand massive amounts of pesticides without dying. There have been several scientific studies that reveal a pretty disturbing trend in soy fed animals as well as humans. It is now a common understanding that soy is a phytoestrogen and linked to breast cancer.

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