Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Download my 23andMe RAW DATA (with pictures)

Yes, it can be confusing when you are told to get your genetic testing done and download the RAW DATA to test for genetic mutations. So if you are new to all the genetic mumbo jumbo, this is my post to YOU! Not only am I going to walk you through ordering your 23andMe kit, I will also show you how to order multiple tests to get a substantial discount, AND how to order a Small Sample Kit for small children who can't spit or for anyone who has a hard time getting enough saliva for this testing. Just follow the RED ARROWS!

First things first! 23andMe is a saliva-based DNA service. They provide genetic reports on your ancestry, family history and help you connect with your DNA relatives.You may have heard a while back, the FDA threw a big fit about 23andMe and their Health Related Assessments. Most people thought that was the end of 23andMe, but in reality, all it has changed is their health-related reports. Essentially they are no longer able to report if you are susceptible to different health conditions based on your genetics. I had my testing done before this change, and I can tell you from experience you aren't missing much! Besides what we are really doing this for is the RAW Genetic Data. Your Raw Data holds the key to more information that you will know what to do with... No Joke! Most people will tell you that this is by far the best $99 you will ever spend and I 100% concur. Most people who are seeking their RAW Data are usually seeking Methylation Analysis to understand and treat their detox pathways. There are several sites that will actually plug right into your 23andMe profile and read your genome to show you any mutations you may have in the Methylation Genes. or are two sites that are commonly used for such testing. Genetic Genie is free and test for less that 20 mutations, making it a great start. While Livewello has a small one time fee, it has a been a never ending wealth of knowledge!

Go to 23andMe click on "Order Now" and lets get started!

Next you will indicate who will be using the kit. 
Earn an additional 20% off on any additional kits you order.

Once you've added what kits you want, you have the option to add a Assisted Collection Kit for those who aren't able to spit or produce enough saliva. 

Scroll down till you see "Sample Collection For Children" and click.

Next it will take you to a page in which explains the test and who should and shouldn't order it. Scroll down and click on the URL and it will redirect you back to your order page. This Assisted Collection Kit does cost an additional $25 but it does count towards an additional kit to get the 20% off.

After it redirects you back to your order page you will notice a new link that reads, "Need an Assisted Collection Kit?" Click on it!

Then it will give you the option to add it to your order!

Once you've added the Assisted Kit to your order you will notice the 20% discount. Indicate who will be using it! If it's a Johnny Child, good for you! ;) Click the Agreement, then Continue and you will be redirected to your shipping and payment info.

Easy Peasy! Now the part that people had the most problems figuring out is retrieving your Raw Data after you've received your results within 3 to 6 weeks. But I am here to dumb it down for ya! Below you can find my PRETEND Johnny Depp 23andMe Report!! No it's not real, it's actually my report in disguise. 

So what you do is click on your profile name to the right and several options will pop up. Click on BROWSE RAW DATA.

Next you will see the advanced view of your uninterpreted genetic data. From here you will click on DOWNLOAD off to your right.

You will then be directed to a page in which you will reconfirm your password and answer your secret question. Get it right, and there you have it! Click on Download Data. You should get a popup prompting the download.

And there you have it! This is your Genome. Yours for the rest of your life, and the rest of your family's life even! Giving you insight into things you never could have imagined an ability to see!

I hope this is helpful to you, and please feel free to ask questions!

Grace, Peace, and Health in Christ,


Thursday, March 20, 2014

100% Natural Easter Eggs (colored with food)
Original Post on FoodProoFool 2013

I have come to realize that my family Easter traditions are pretty extravagant compared to many. We have lots of food, candy, colored eggs, 3 Easter Egg Hunts, one for the little kids, one for the kids, and one for the adults. This year was a different situation, not only were we on GAPS, but we also had to accommodate others while still accommodating ourselves. Luckily my cousin and her GAPS family, plus my friend Monique who is on GAPS were there to support me in this feast. And as always my mom! But I was most worried about carrying on our traditions that are so warm in my heart. It was a massive amount of work. but I can say that it was better than I ever could have imagined and I can't wait to share with the World how I kept all our Easter Traditions alive. I'm sooooo excited about the things I discovered and created!

Full house this Easter! Had to say the blessing outside!
Before I tell you about our Traditions for Easter, I first want to share with you what Easter means to me and why my traditions mean so much to me. Some people don't get the hype of Easter, but I have to say it all comes down to this day. A promise given to us on Christmas, the promise of Eternal Salvation fulfilled on Easter. I'm Catholic so I practice Lent and I can say that Easter could never be all that it is without Lent. Lent is a time (40 days) of preparation in a sense. A time of anticipation for our rebirth and our rising with the Lord. Though we are given this through Baptism, we are constantly renewing our Baptismal promise. And we are all in need of a little pick me up, or strengthening in our faith every now and again. It's a reminder of who we are as Children of God. Through a Catholic Lent we fast prayerfully and focus on stewardship and reconciliation. We prepare ourselves in a way as to receive all the Graces God has in store for our new life in Christ just as all the Christians did over 2,000 years ago. Uhhh, I love Lent, I love Easter!! I won't go into Ash Wednesday or Holy Thursday........ But they also play pivotal rolls in Lent. So when I think of Easter aside from the Risen Lord and just our fun Easter Traditions I think, De Colores!!!! A traditional Spanish song about the joy and beauty found in colors and the luminous joy in the risen Lord. Just how the beauty of colors illuminates the graces of God, and the beauty and joy in God. Thats how I see Easter, the colors give me a sense of joy in the Risen Lord, celebrating innocent life in our children, celebrating the newness of life in birth and rebirth. It's just a time of celebration, a time to focus on thanksgiving of the Gift of Life!! Uhhh, I just love it.. It's just so beautiful! So to say the least, I worried that because of GAPS the celebration and joy I feel may be diminished. But it was actually enhanced! I discovered God's beauty in nature! His beautiful design goes so far beyond "man." It's in the Blueberry, it's in the Red Beet, it's in the Chokecherries, and Turmeric!! Why have I relied so much on the man made things to bring me such joy when it's all around me!!

So lets focus on the Easter Eggs, a symbol of rebirth and newness of life. My biggest fear with GAPS was going toxin free, yet still having beautiful Easter Eggs. See we have a special family secret with dying Easter Eggs. Though we don't actually keep it a secret, we have told many a people, but it has never caught on for some reason!! Not even the family members that come every year for Easter. But thats okay, I enjoy thinking that ours are the prettiest! I mean seriously, look at them!! I can't even find Easter Eggs that awesome on Pinterest!! ;) And these are all food colored. No not "food coloring." They are colored with food. I searched all over the internet to find natural ways to dye Easter Eggs, but there was really nothing I could find on dying eggs. Just natural dyes that I worried may not dye an egg! So I can say, they do work for eggs. And whether or not what I have to say or whatever guidance I have for dying eggs with food has any significance, I can at least say that I made it work!

This was much easier than I thought it would be. The prep time was way less than I could have expected, but I guess that may be in part to having some things easily on hand since my mom already had beet juice and chokecherry juice. But everything else was pretty easy too. The biggest issue we came across was green. I wasn't sure how to prepare spinach as suggested, there was no information on it. But I guess that juicing would be the way to do it. Cooking it didn't work like the rest of the food dyes. So if you are wanting to try spinach for green, I suggest fresh juice.

What we used:

Blueberries for Blue (cooked and blended) 
1/2 cup blended blueberries
1/2 cup water
3 tbs vinegar (for egg penetration)
Don't be confused, they don't turn blue until after they dry!

Turmeric Powder for Yellow
2tbs boiled in 1 cup of water
3 tbs  vinegar

Blueberries and Turmeric for Green 
1/2 Blueberry mixture w/ vinegar
1/2 Turmeric mixture w/ vinegar
This also turns more and more green as it dries!

Beets for Pink (cooked beet juice)
1/2 cup beet juice
1/2 cup water
3 tbs vinegar
You could always use less water and get a darker egg!

Chokecherries for Purple (cooked chokecherry juice)
1/2 cup chokecherry juice
1/2 cup water
3 tbs vinegar

Coffee for Brown
1 cup strong coffee
3 tbs vinegar

The vinegar is used to help the color penetrate the eggs.

So you may wonder how it is we get the eccentric designs. Our secret ingredient!!! Olive Oil!! Just drop a  tablespoon of olive oil in with your egg coloring and replenish whenever you feel like it! 

The best way the get dark coloring is to let your eggs dry on a towel or in a carton for a period of time, then you can put your egg into another color making your egg even more thrilling!! :)

Did this make your Easter a special time!! What are some other Crunchy Easter Traditions you have?


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Be Chemical Free

I often wonder if those who refrain from the use of chemicals on themselves or in their homes, actually know the extent of why chemicals or synthetics are so bad for their bodies. I think a lot of people fear Cancer, and Parabens. But with little to no education, you end up using products that can be just as harmful. To tap into the reality of what is going on in our environments, in our homes, and microscopically on our skin and in our body, isn't easy!

There is one point I would like to emphasize the most for the importance of watching what you put on your body and use in your home that not many people think about. BUGS!!!!!! Yes I want to emphasize Bugs, or more definitively Bacteria. And even more definitively, GOOD Bacteria! :) What if I told you the greatest key to health and vitality are Good Bugs? We live in a Country that views bacteria as a threat to our health. We use toxic hand sanitizer all the time, we wash our hands with anti bacterial soap compulsively. American's live in a constant fear of Bacteria, have you noticed this? Have you experienced this yourself?

Recently the FDA finally gave some much needed attention to the industry of disinfecting products. In recent studies these products have proven to be more harmful than helpful and do exactly opposite of what they are marketed to do. Prevent illness right? Right! But what people don't realize is that these products are actually leaving them susceptible to illness and weakening their immune system.

You may have noticed a new trend in the consumer marketing industry with yogurt or probiotics helping with not only digestion, but your immune system. Now this isn't new news, and obviously some companies are catching on and trying to get in on this market! (And of course they don't leave out all the other UNhealthy ingredients) But yogurt and other probiotics are just a simple aspect of this complex equation. There are MUCH bigger measures we should be taking in order to prevent illness.
Mega Media Catches on to Probiotics (but not to the harmful effects of sugar!)

Probiotics are the GOOD BUGS I'm talking about. Bacteria lives and grows in and on our bodies. Good bugs and bad bugs. And sadly in this day in age, and especially in America, the bad bugs outweigh the good bugs. Leaving us susceptible to infections and a wide range of health concerns, even autoimmune disorders! "Autoimmune disorders, you say?" Yes! Through many studies we have come to find that 70% and even more of our immune system is located in our guts. To quote pubmed...
"The human gut is an ecosystem consisting of a great number of commensal bacteria living in symbiosis with the host. Several data confirm that gut microbiota is engaged in a dynamic interaction with the intestinal innate and adaptive immune system."

And like I said, these bugs are HOT on the market right now!! But what is the point of getting all these good bugs into our bodies if we don't provide them with an environment they can survive in?!?! Are you catching on?? Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, antibiotics,  and pesticides in our food sources! AND ALL CHEMICALS! Chemicals in our cosmetics, chemicals in our candles. Anything we put on our skin and anything in the air that we inhale. We really are a recipe for disaster! And to add to takes less than 30 seconds for anything on your skin to enter your blood stream!

What are all the different threats to our Good Bugs! 

  • Household Chemicals - Cleaners, Scented Candles, New Furniture, Fresh Paint.
  • Chemicals On Our Skin - Laundry Detergent and Softeners, Lotions, Cleansers, Cosmetics, Shampoos and Conditioners.    
  • Chemicals In Our Food - Preservatives, BPA, Antibiotics, Pesticides, Sucralose.
  • Prescription Medication - Birth Control, Antibiotics, Long term use of all Medications.
  • Poor Diet - Diets high in refined carbs and sugars feed bad microbial or yeast such as Candida and in abundance can kill good bacteria by producing toxins.

But not only that.... The bacteria in our guts, also known as flora, aid in DIGESTION and NUTRIENT ABSORPTION. Poor gut health can lead to obesity or malnourishment and an array of mental health disorders! Without proper nourishment we can't produce essential neurotransmitters for optimal brain health. Lets add this all up......
Environmental Toxins = Poor Gut Flora
Poor Gut Flora = Poor Immune System
Environmental Toxins  = Poor Gut Flora
Poor Gut Flora = Poor Digestion
Poor Digestion = Gut Damage
Gut Damage = Leaky Gut Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome  = Autoimmune Disorders `
and again

Environment Toxins = Poor Gut Health
Poor Gut Health = Poor Digestion
Poor Digestion = Malnourishment
Malnourishment = Chemical imbalance
Chemical imbalance = Mental Disorders

So what are we to do with all this information? Quite simply put, find non toxic alternatives and lower the chemical impact in your life! And unfortunately that is often easier said than done. On my journey to discovering this, and then seeking safer alternatives I grew angry! Literally angry! All these false marketing gimmicks promising safe non-toxic products led me on a wild goose chase. I learned a lot along the way thankfully. But after several failed attempts with a lot of products claiming to be safe I gave up and started making my own. If you can make your own, awesome!

A really simple toothpaste recipe! I also make a really tasty Mineral Toothpaste that I sell in my Pure Life Basics Etsy Shop!

Another great shift in the right direction would be Shampoo Bars! Learn more about the Shampoo Bar Detox here! To buy non-toxic body care products visit my Pure Life Basics Etsy Shop!

Try making your own multipurpose cleaner! Just 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar with a couple drops of lemon essential oil. Great for windows and counters! Check out more DIY cleaning recipes with PassionatePureLife on Pinterest.
  • 3 parts filtered water (where to a buy filter)
  • 1part vinegar
  • 1-2 tsp lemon juice
  • 5-7 drops of lemon essential oil
  • - See more at:

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    Hair & Scalp Detox
    While your scalp should produce it’s own natural oils, harsh detergents in shampoo will strip your hair and scalp of these important oils leading to an over production of oils. Silicone derived conditioners may keep your hair feeling soft and silky, but your hair should feel that way without this waxy build up! Unfortunately you need the waxy build up to cover up the dry, damaged hair! 

    Hair Detox
    If you have been using hair care with Silicone Derivatives or harsh detergents and you switch to a natural shampoo alternative, you may go through a period of “detox” also known as a "Healing Crisis." Some of these alternatives may be Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or my favorite Shampoo Bars, The Hair Detox is when your hair and scalp go through a period of adjustment in which your natural oils and the natural function of your hair is restored all while removing the silicone or paraben build-up in your hair. Your hair and scalp will usually correct within a couple weeks to a month or more depending on what products you previously used and your hair type. Previous damage such as split ends cannot be reversed, so I suggest a haircut or trim. Using Shampoo Bars, you will never have to use conditioner again! Please take note, just because a product claims to be natural and organic does not mean it's natural or organic. Products that are Certified Organic are only required to use 70% organic ingredients. The rest can be lab created (synthetic) ingredients.

    Symptoms Of Detox and Ways To Get Through It!
    • Tangled Hair- Mix a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Use in the shower after using your shampoo bar as a leave in conditioner. Vinegar smell will be gone after hair dries. After detox this step won’t be necessary.
    • Oily Build Up- To get through the stage of oily build up, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo lather. This will help break down the waxy buildup!
    • Dry, Dull or Staticy- Once again the vinegar and water solution and baking soda lather will help with this. Try using Argan Oil to add shine and prevent static!
    • Shedding- Hair that has been trapped in follicles from oil and wax build up will be releasing, which is a great sign that the detox process is starting. This should only last a couple of days. Hair may also shed more if you are having problems with tangling.
    • Color Loss- If you color your hair, you may go through a process of losing some hair color or have color fading. This is nothing to be alarmed by! Color will attach itself to waxy build up rather than the hair strand. As the waxy buildup comes out, so will the color that is attached to it. Great news is, this will ensure your future hair colors to fully penetrate your hair rather than just color the waxy buildup, resulting in less color fading! 

    Tips to using your Shampoo Bar:
    • Don't let it sit in your hair. As the suds dissipate the oils can get trapped in your hair. As as soon as your done scrubby away at your hair wash it out.
    • The first time you use a shampoo bar, wash in a sink or over a tub. This way you can actually see how long it takes to completely wash the soap out of your hair. You want to wash until you no longer see cloudy water. It takes longer than you think!
    • No shampoo is made the same, no hair is the same, and no water is the same. So what might work for one person won't work for another.
    Be patient and be prepared! You can NEVER be prepared enough for a hair detox. It is hell! I'm not going to sugar coat it! But it is soooo worth it. Buy a cute hat, do it over a vacation period. Do whatever you gotta do to get through it, its worth it!

    Interested in doing a Shampoo Bar Detox? Shop Pure Life Basics on Etsy!! 

    I could never go a day without my hair becoming a grease ball using conventional shampoo! After going through the hair detox I can go days without my hair getting greasy. My hairdresser is impressed with how much healthier my hair is getting. She's also impressed by how much suds the Shampoo Bars produce! -Tisha Harry, TX

    My hair is so thick and low maintenance now. I don't know what I would do without the Shampoo Bar! -Kris Stovall, MT

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    DIY Vanilla Extract

    I like to keep my Vanilla Extract as simple as possible! I loved the Simply Organic jar with the Vanilla Beans already in it. All I had to do was add Vodka! And it matches all my other Simply Organic Spices.

    So in this case, this jar comes with 2 vanilla beans. If you are using a different bottle try to keep a ratio of 3 beans to 1 cup of Vodka.

    Just take the vanilla beans out and slice them long ways, all the way down the bean. Then just stick them back into the jar and fill it up with Vodka. Any vodka will do.

    Stick it in a cupboard or a dark location and it will be ready for use at 8 weeks and will last for years! Just give it a shake every once in a awhile. You can even reuse your vanilla beans, just top it off with more vodka!

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Design, Label, & Mail Christmas Cards & Never Leave Your Couch!
    I love to send out Christmas Cards every year, but I dread the work that it entails! This is how you send out Christmas Cards without ever leaving the comfort of your home, or in my case, THE COUCH! All the way from designing, printing, labeling, postage, and into the mailbox. NEVER LEAVING THE COUCH! I like being creative, but I HATE the mess and work that it entails. I have enough problems keeping my house clean! So if you're like me, this is a dream come true! :)

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    Quick Taco Salad
    This is my go to meal if I have waited too long to let my dinner meat thaw out. Hamburger is usually fast to thaw out. Or I'm trying to cook dinner last minute or just having a busy day, this is a sure fast way to get dinner on the table. The nice thing about a Taco Salad, is that it's a great meal for lunch or dinner and it can cater to many food allergies or special diets! And there is usually leftovers. We typically have some left overs with a family of 4, which is GREAT for a busy schedule. One nice thing that has happened since going on the GAPS diet, is the kids are so much easier to please! We had tacos last night. I had leftover squash from our squash pancakes this morning, some cooked mixed veggies and taco meat. Threw it all in a pan, cooked it up, and what do you have?? I have noooo idea! But they ate it!

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    Back Track: Body Odor You Can Be Proud Of!
    I know it sounds horrible, but if you are attempting a detox and you have massive BO, like you've never had before..... YOU KNOW your doing something right!!